Object Storage to solve key enterprise challenges

Having a good procedure in place is essential for ensuring successful business continuity.

Erasure coding and Object storage systems offers an alternative to Raid systems for Disaster Recovery.

All businesses can encounter disasters at the most unexpected times, whether that’s an earthquake that takes down your servers or an unexpected power cut. When these events do happen, you must have a disaster recovery plan in place, to ensure that your company doesn’t go out of business for good.

Peer-to-peer configuration makes the Cynny Space storage solution reliable and extremely cost effective.

Storing Objects with end-to-end encryption is intrinsically secure versus malware and data theft.

Available in Public, Hybrid or Private cloud, you decide where the data is stored.


The security of your data shouldn’t be merely an afterthought

There is a theory of thought, that only 20% of your data should be kept on your primary storage platform and the other 80% should be on your secondary storage system.

Not all data has the same value, therefore it is critical to apply the right disaster recovery strategy for your business.

Data that should not be on the primary storage platform includes

  • Shared files
  • Backup data of your virtual machines and applications
  • Testing virtual machines
  • Archived data

Cloud based Object Storage can offer substantial financial benefits as a secondary storage platform, and is an ideal alternate site for disaster recovery. 

Security principles should be one of the basic building blocks of any infrastructure

Disaster recovery is the process of reinstating a compromised service, application or the operations of an entire datacenter; to full working power after a natural catastrophe of or human-triggered disaster.

When Cynny Space is utilized  as the storage target site for Disaster Recovery, businesses have a secondary platform for managing disaster recovery and scrutinizing data across multiple sites.

Our customers can complement or replace existing unreliable storage solutions with highly accessible object storage. Cynny Space dispenses data across multiple locations — allowing for significant data to be available for local site access and remotely for disaster recovery scenarios.