Discover the Cynny Space Storage Benefits

Technology driven reliability

  • Cynny Space's platform for object storage is built for stability and resilience.
  • The infrastructure is comprised of numerous data nodes working in concert to deliver continuity of service, even in case of hardware failure.
  • The solution is designed without a single point of failure.
  • Intelligence is equally distributed on the entire file system, giving the same importance to each node.
  • The File System is designed with a swarm intelligence with a self-organizing, self-configuring and self-optimizing approach.

Durability by design

  • The system runs in parallel making it more reliable than a RAID 6 redundancy system (distributed double parity).
  • Fast data rebuild in case of hardware failure.
  • Data stored in 4 different locations.
  • No data loss or lack of availability during extreme stress testing (ie. unplugging servers).
  • Data consistency is verified at chunk level, making durability standards higher.
  • You pay only for the net space you use, redundancies and parities necessary to keep data safe included in the price.

>99,999999999% data durability

No single point of failure

Higher reliability vs. RAID 6

Security by design

  • Safe data transfer via HTTPS protocol.
  • End-to-end encryption:
    • Data is transferred encrypted from original device.
    • Decoding keys are never transferred nor memorized together with data.
    • Data encrypted using AES-256 algorithm.
    • Total protection even in the unlikely event of data sniffing during transfer.
  • Data stored in chunks:
    • Chunks spread on multiple servers.
    • Unable to rebuild files starting from chunks.
  • Company, software and design of the hardware are 100% European: created and designed according to European laws and regulations on safety and privacy.
  • We work to guarantee the highest standards of security and data protection by constant updates and new solutions.

Embedded protection against cryptolockers

With the use of RESTful APIs, our storage solution is immune to cryptolocker ransomwares:

  • The namespace only uses RESTful API protocols and cannot be used to execute a file, therefore removing the risk of changes being made to a specific object
  • An Object is isolated from the application or client, in which case it is practically impossible for an attacker to index the namespace and encrypt the objects
  • Thanks to object ACL’s, it is possible to be as specific as you’d like to limit access through keys in order to ensure that an external server or client cannot even reach the namespace

Key Security Features

Security protocols
Transfer protocol HTTPS
Authentication Dual token log in
Encryption End-to-end encryption
Encryption algorithm AES-256 at chunk level
Access control ACL at object level
Durability standards
Data durability >99,999999999%
Data consistency check At chunk level
Hardware setup No single point of failure