We deliver superior support our clients appreciate. Our support team are well-rounded developers with top communication skills and hands-on product knowledge. Cynny Space’s Support team is made up of technical experts trained to help with any challenges you may encounter

Managed solution

Cynny Space delivers managed solutions in both Public and On premise Cloud solution

In the On premise solutions, Setup, Maintenance and proactive monitoring are included in the pricing. This results in no need to invest time and effort to manage the infrastructure. Software maintenance is done directly by our team and kept to a minimum thanks to seamless software updates. Hardware warranty is also reduced by our innovative technology and the 10% Safety space included in the package.

In Public Cloud, our support team can help to solve any integration issues with clients or other protocols. We have developed and constantly update a series of guides for key tools that are available in our wiki.
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Full support


Maintenance and support

Software Licensing

Proactive Monitoring

Rolling updates

Superior technology is its own form of customer support

Self-Healing eliminates unscheduled maintenance: SwARM software works like a swarm of bees constantly checking eachother for faults and correcting them. Unlike RAID-based storage this high level of redundancy eliminates the need for most unscheduled maintenance and ensures data is also protected. In the long run this means lower operational costs for the client and data protected in the event of failures.